Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fieldwork photos

Photos from this year's fieldwork are in 3 different galleries:
  1. At the summit our efforts were focused on the weather station (AWS), and in a snowpit as time permitted. Photos here
  2. Working at an elevation of nearly 6,000 meters requires adapting to less oxygen (lower partial pressure), providing time to make other observations. Photos from travel to the ice cap and at the margin are here. For several locations - including outlet glacier Qori Kalis - photos from previous years have been mixed in to illustrate ice recession and thinning.
  3. Among other observations possible while acclimatizing is documenting the elevation and habitats of various bird species living at this high elevation; the Quelccaya margin (~5,200 m or 17,000 ft) represents the upper end of most species' range. Photos of birds seen in 2012 are here (Additional Vilcanota birds can be seen here and here, or this link for more on Diuca speculifera.)
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