Friday, July 22, 2011

Vamos a la playa!

Quelccaya fieldwork for 2011 is complete. Although we experienced greater lower-elevation snowfall and higher summit wind speeds than in previous years, fantastic personnel and considerable persistence prevailed. During 6 days up top at the weather station, we recovered data, performed annual service, restored telemetry, collected air samples (for the stable isotopic composition of water vapor), installed an automated "RimeCam", shot GigaPans, and conducted snowpit measurements. Meanwhile, other members of the group documented previously unknown aspects of bird ecology (e.g., another species roosting in crevasses; a collection of bird photos from the trip is here). Data are actively being organized and archived, even as initial inspection begins.

From Quelccaya the group dispersed for home, Bolivia, and coastal Perú. Several days in Paracas National Reserve was the perfect way for two of us to wrap up the trip. Traveling by Oltursa bus - with wifi - was relaxing and comfortable.

A sampling of photos follows, showing (top to bottom) the AWS ready for another wet season, departure from the summit, and a Paracas beach; more soon! Special thanks this year to Carsten Braun, Koky Casteñeda, and as always - Felix Vicencio and family.